So . . . I just posted about how I seem to have to make three socks and three mittens in my “pairs,” – well, apparently I also have two heads and have to knit two hats in order to get one to fit!

This is the Baa-ble Hat from this year’s Shetland Wool Week.  It’s been quite popular this fall in a multitude of color combinations.  Since I couldn’t decide on colors, I stuck with greys and black and white.  On Ravelry, many people commented that the hat comes out quite large, so I followed the recommendation of others to use modifications posted on Susan B. Anderson’s blog to make it smaller.

Well, it was.


It was too small, so it’s going into the gift box for next Christmas. I’ll let my family blog readers try to figure out which one gets it, LOL.

So I did what I do and knit a second one.


Much better. I’m keeping this one.

And just to prove I did knit two of them (so far – they’re kind of addictive) . . .


Pompoms to come later.


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Now that I’m no longer podcasting, I’m hoping to make more regular blog posts, and include some more knitting content for my former viewers.

Years ago I made the Lizard Ridge Blanket, a free pattern on Knitty by Laura Aylor. I used various colorways of Noro Kureyon yarn, and each ball made one square with some yardage left over. I’d kept the leftovers, spit-splicing them together into one large ball of yarn.

 Lizard Ridge Squares//

This fall, when Susan B. Anderson came out with her Waiting for Winter mittens, I knew my leftover Noro would be perfect. So I knit a mitten.

Then I knit a second mitten, and the way the colors fell, I really just didn’t care for it.

I weighed the two mittens and my remaining yarn, and decided it would be close but that I might have enough yarn to make a third mitten. So I knit a third one.

I ran short on the thumb, but liked the way the third one looked with the first one better, so I frogged the second one and used some of that yarn to knit the thumb, ending up with a cozy pair of mismatched mittens.


It was kind of a joke at KTS, my local knitting group, that I had a third hand.

Fast forward to my first time knitting with a Gale’s Art sock blank. I’d seen these blanks before and just couldn’t get into them, but when I saw Gale’s colors and the stencils she was using, and then finished projects from Ravelry friends who were knitting them, I decided to give it a try.


Long story short – I love them. Some people don’t like the blanks because you’re knitting yarn that’s already been knit, so as it unravels from the blank it’s kinky and kind of crunchy. Your stitches can look uneven, too. But for me, it was almost like knitting with handspun, and I liked the organic feel of the yarn as it worked up. And then, once it was blocked – the stitches even out and the socks are just awesome.

Anyway, I knit my first sock and flew through the second one. But having not used a sock blank before, I didn’t know how much yarn I was going to use. My second sock ended up not having any of the grey in it.

I don’t mind that the socks don’t match exactly; that’s part of the fun. But the colors were really bugging me, so I did what I do. I knit a third sock.


Much better.


So yes, apparently good things do come in threes.


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Endings and Beginnings

As we’re coming to the close of 2015, reflecting on the passage of time never ceases to amaze me. December 15 marked the second anniversary of my dad’s passing. How is that even possible? It still seems like yesterday that he was here with us.


On December 6, I celebrated the 5th anniversary of my podcast, The Proverbial Knitter, by announcing that I was ending it. Five years? How is it possible that I recorded faithfully on a weekly basis with very few breaks talking about knitting and how it relates to our spiritual walk with Christ? I decided not to teach any knitting or spinning classes anymore so there will be fewer events that I’ll attend next year.


They say that when one door closes, another opens. I don’t believe that. I think it just sounds good enough to put on a bumper sticker.   But regardless, there are things I’m looking forward to in 2016. With one year behind us at the (now not-so-new) house, we’re looking forward to what the garden will bring. We’re planning on getting chickens for farm-fresh eggs – yum – and not having to pay grocery store prices. We’ve got some trips planned, and I’m going to celebrate my 50th birthday (how is that possible?). And with fewer responsibilities, I’m looking forward to more free, and therefore spontaneous weekends.

Good-bye 2015. It seems like we hardly got to know you.

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Lucky 13

December is also when Robert and I celebrate our wedding anniversary. We decided to go back to Sunday brunch at the Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks in Hollister, Missouri. We had a fantastic meal the day before our anniversary. It’s a good thing, because for our lucky #13, I got to have an emergency root canal. Oh, what fun!




I keep telling people Robert got me a root canal, but he wants me to also share that he encouraged me to buy this awesome Coach bag as a gift.



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Over Thanksgiving weekend, Michelle (aka “Spunky”) decided to travel home to Texas by way of Springfield, and finally got to see our house and spend a few days with us. November is always busy, but we were able to squeeze a lot in while she was here.

After picking her up at the airport, we had dinner at London Calling. This is at the Springfield Food Truck Park and has authentic British pasties. It was dreary and cold (like I’ve heard London is) so we ate inside the converted double-decker bus.



Sunday was our annual November birthday lunch at Nakato Japanese Steakhouse, where we got to hang out with good friends. The sushi wasn’t bad, either. J



Monday was Robert’s birthday, and while he had to work, I took off to hang with Michelle. We had breakfast at Gailey’s, a historic diner on Walnut Street.


We made a stop at Askinosie Chocolate and The Urban Cup for Robert’s birthday dessert.

Lunch was at Pappo’s Pizza, a new to me place that was highly recommended by my boss. Make sure you order their cookies! Freshly baked and hot from the oven!

We killed time by running to Sam’s where Michelle might have purchased the giant pink teddy bear if she wouldn’t have had to buy him its own seat on the plane!


We had a lot of fun hanging out and I hope we can do it again soon!

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