Wow. I know I made a random post the other day, but I have not been doing a great job at keeping up with everything – the blog, Ravelry, the podcast, even knitting.
003First, Robert and I both had business trips out of town the same week. He went to South Carolina, and I headed to Miami. The conference I attended had some very good sessions; other details were overlooked, like they didn’t provide sodas for the afternoon sessions. Gee, like no one was gonna need caffeine not in the form of coffee after lunch? I was not at all excited about the prospect of going to Miami, and it did not fail to disappoint. Overall, I found South Beach to be a dirty, smelly, nasty place, and did not see the appeal of it at all. I did, however, get to enjoy the beach for a few hours, and when I wasn’t watching a catfight between 3 girls (yes, this really happened) or accidentally realizing that it actually was a topless beach (thank you to my boss for warning me about this possibility in advance) – ick – I did enjoy wiggling my toes in the sand and letting the waves crash over my feet. Back to the topless issue for a moment, can someone explain to me why a girl who is free enough to remove her bikini top while laying on the beach towel had to put the top back on before she went into the ocean? I don’t get it.007
053Moving on, I didn’t get much knitting done at all while I was gone. I did finish my first of the basketweave socks, but haven’t started its match yet. Nor have I worked on my sweater, or thought about future projects. I’ve been in a bit of an organization mood lately, which started with the flood and has motivated me to work on other parts of the house. I have removed all of the ugly wallpaper that was in our master bathroom, and am almost ready to paint.
035Yesterday was the annual Fiber Fair in Marshfield, Missouri. It’s a very small fair, but it was a beautiful day to hang out with friends, and I did buy some random roving for my beginning fiber stash – for the “someday” when I get my wheel. “Lola” always enjoys looking at the Fair’s wares, and I was enamored with a beautiful cashmere goat.047
I’ve pretty much given up on getting caught up. I had almost 1,000 unread blog posts when I got home from Miami, and used the “mark all read” option pretty freely. I went through about 120 personal e-mails, 100 work e-mails, and am now being very selective on the Ravelry forums I’m reading. So if I’ve missed commenting on my regular blogs that I read, or replying to a podcast e-mail, or not responded to a Rav post, forgive me. I’m entering my busiest season at work for the next two months, and have 2 more trips scheduled in June and July which will take me out of the office. I’m giving myself a free pass to not put undue pressure on myself. Summer’s comin’, and I’m going to enjoy myself!

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