Hidden Gem

Who knew? I mean seriously – who? I wasn’t all that excited about our recent trip to Hilton Head Island, SC mainly because from what I knew of HHI, it was just a lot of golf courses. Which is true – it’s definitely a resort place, and if Robert and I played golf, we might have just stayed. We flew into Savannah, GA on Thursday and drove about an hour to the island. We stayed here. Way cool. But even cooler? The beach. This is a serious beach, people. When I think of going to the beach, Florida or Hawaii are about the only places that cross my mind. Or maybe a cruise to some Caribbean islands. But South Carolina? A beach destination? Boy – was I happy to be completely wrong. HHI is absolutely beautiful.
We spend some time on the beach, in the ocean (where I found myself surrounded by a school of sting rays – not once, but twice!), rode bikes, and had a fantastic time. On Sunday, we took a tour of Savannah before we flew out, where we saw a lot of historical homes, Paula Deen’s restaurant (before the fire), and a really cool bridge.
I thought I’d just post some of my favorite photos from the trip here. You can see more on my Flickr page.
HHI/Savannah - 2008
HHI/Savannah - 2008
HHI/Savannah - 2008
HHI/Savannah - 2008
HHI/Savannah - 2008
HHI/Savannah - 2008
HHI/Savannah - 2008


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4 responses to “Hidden Gem

  1. I live in Myrtle Beach, SC – the redneck Riviera :). At last count we had 117 golf courses and 4 yarn shops! I love Hilton Head. They have a very strict building code which has helped it to maintain the elegance and the cozy feel of each area. You didn’t mention any yarn shopping!

  2. Sounds like you two had a good time.

  3. marge

    looks and sounds like great fun! we are thinking of vacationing somewhere in the carolinas. that is one area i have not been to yet. glad you had a great time.

  4. Ooooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaah! Sounds like a wonderful time! I love the south:~D

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