So You Had a Bad Day. . .

This has been a day. First, I got up and spent my usual 15 minutes in the morning on the internet, checking e-mails, blogs, Ravelry, Plurk, etc. One of the tech blogs I follow was raving about Firefox 3.0, and said to upgrade immediately, so I did. Bad choice. FF3 doesn’t work with Microsoft Vista. (I know, what does? Vista bites, but my XP machine died in the flood.) I didn’t have time to fix it then, so it was off to work. (I did spend about an hour this evening uninstalling 3.0 and downgrading back to the previous version, which is working fine.)
Robert's SocksRobert and I drove to work separately because he wasn’t feeling well. He ended up coming home at noon. I then had to go stay with my mom (who’s not in the best health) while my dad had a doctor’s appointment. It was only supposed to be for about 90 minutes, but I ended up being away from the office for about 3 hours. Thankfully, I have a very understanding, family friendly company. The good news is that I finished Robert’s socks while staying with my mom. These are just plain stockinette socks, toe up, casting on 30 stitches and increasing to 74, with short-row heels. The yarn is Universal’s Ditto, and it’s pretty cool looking on its own, which is why I didn’t do any pattern. But the first ball had a ton of knots in it that I had to cut, so there were lots of ends to weave in. I’ll stay away from this yarn in the future. I also made progress on my sweater, weaving in all the ends, and ripping back one of the sleeves and started re-knitting it (the cuffs are just a little too tight, but that’s an easy enough fix).
I hadn’t been back to work for more than 30 minutes or so, when a storm came through. There was a tornado warning, and while I haven’t heard yet if one was actually sighted, the winds did knock out power in east Springfield, and the roof collapsed at a local furniture store. Then I ended up missing Knit Together because I needed to get Robert some medicine. I did work on the sweater a little bit, but then Dish went out when another storm came through and I took a break. I’m so sick of rain, and while our flooding issues are nothing like what’s happening in Iowa or along the Mississippi, it would be nice if everyone got a break from this weather soon.
Tomorrow’s Friday, and on Saturday I’ll be spending some time with Brianne and starting on my first pair of my SOS08 socks. Things are looking up.

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  1. Wow, sounds like you had an extremely busy day and I thought I was having a bad day.
    Hope Robert starts feeling better soon.

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