November Already?

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is next month! Fortunately, after last year’s knitting sweatshop that I fell into, I realized that I needed to limit the number of gifts I was knitting (and thusly limit my stress level), so I cut back significantly. I’ve still got a hat and pair of socks to knit, but I’m not worried about finishing them.
Birthday SocksI did finish Robert’s birthday socks, and even though his actual birthday is not until the end of month, I made the mistake of having him try them on for a photo shoot and he refused to give them back. These are plain stockinette socks in not so plain Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Multi Effekt colorway 5376. Brianne had previously made Bryan socks from this yarn and I loved them, and even though it’s discontinued, I found a fellow Raveler willing to part with 2 skeins.
CPHI’ve been working on my CPH as well, although I’m not going to make a hood. I think I’ll wear it more with a collar instead. I’ve finished the back and the fronts, and am slogging my way through the first sleeve. Hopefully, I get this project finished by Thanksgiving, but I’m getting eager to cast on for those remaining Christmas knits. Plus, I’m still on my “pair of socks a month” plan, so I’ve got to crank out a pair in November anyway!
I’m also working on my Plan for 2009 . . . what are your must knit projects for next year?


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4 responses to “November Already?

  1. Can’t wait to see your finished CPH. No Christmas knitting for me this year but I’m thinking about knitting a few things next year for a select few who will appreciate what I make.

  2. Love the color of the CPH. It is looking great. Gonna have to add that to the queue. DarthRobert’s socks look great. Can’t blame him for not giving them back.
    I haven’t really started my 2009 plan because I am still caught up in Christmas knitting. I do want to knit a Starmore project in 2009.

  3. Michelle

    Sheesh! Could the name of that sock yarn be any longer?
    Ornery Bobert. I bet you’ll never show him his socks early again.
    The Spunkmeister

  4. Tam

    Hi! New reader here. Love those socks. I always love when I find a sock yarn that is “boring” enough that the men in my life will actually wear them (no bright colors allowed) yet interesting enough that I can knit them without losing my mind. That yarn fits those criteria nicely!

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