Plugging Along

Knitting a black stockinette sweater does not an exciting blog entry make. Unless I was completely freaking out because I’m running out of time and have to forego sleep which makes me either more or less funny to be around, depending on your personal perspective. But, here’s where I stand.
The back is finished.
Slouchy Cardigan
The right front is finished (it took me 4 days).
Slouchy Cardigan
The left front is cruising along.
Slouchy Cardigan
That means I have a little less than 5 weeks to finish the left front, knit 2 sleeves, knit the hood and seam it together. I don’t think I’m being cocky when I say I think that’s totally doable. I might even get to start another project before we leave.

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One response to “Plugging Along

  1. Michelle

    You can do it Sista! I have faith in you:-)
    Love you,

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