Now that my travelogue is complete, I thought I’d go back and revisit my knitting on the trip, because after all, this is also a knitting blog. I was very concerned with packing light, so much so that I was able to take an entire roll of bubble wrap in one suitcase as a mere filler, so I wanted to keep my knitting projects down as well.
Here’s my thought process: We were going to be gone 9 days, 2 of which included roughly 10 hour flights. 1 day included an 8-hour layover at the airport. There were going to be 3 days where we would spend approximately 3 hours on a bus driving to our next destination. This is what I had to work with.
My first thought was to take something mildly challenging for the flight to Milan. I selected the Uptown Boot Socks from Interweave’s Favorite Socks book. (Note: After barely starting these, I realized they only look challenging; it’s a very easy pattern.) I figured with the layover in Atlanta and the flight to Milan, I’d pretty much finish the first sock, which I’d already started the week before we left just so it would be on the needles going through airport security (where I had no problems whatsoever, and was using my Addi Turbos).
To keep from getting bored on those bus rides through Tuscany (yeah, yeah, I know NOW!), I took along some yarn and the pattern for the Leyburn socks. And for the flight home from Rome, I was a little concerned about Italian airport security, so I brought yarn and the pattern for the Knotty Gloves, as well as some plastic Bryspun dpn’s. I needn’t have worried; I had no problems going through Rome’s airport security either.
So what did I get done? Well, yesterday, 9 days after we got back, I finally finished the first Uptown Boot Sock. The Leyburn socks have not been started yet, and I haven’t worked on the first Knotty Glove since that last flight, but I’m 5 rows into the cable chart.

Were my knitting goals really all that unrealistic? Maybe, maybe not. I did underestimate how tired I’d be from all the walking, and from the distractions from the other 57 people on the bus. Will I take less on my next trip? Probably not. Because the only thing worse than bringing too much knitting on a trip is not bringing enough.


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2 responses to “Unrealistic

  1. You only took three projects to work on? For a nine-day trip? Wow! When we go out of town for soccer tournaments (weekends only), half of my suitcase is filled with yarn, needles, and magazines…in case I “change my mind” about a project.

  2. Amen on making sure you have too much – instead of not enough – yarn for projects when you travel. I’ve never had a problem with needles but took my Denise plastics on the last trip to Mexico just in case. Glad you had a great trip – enjoyed all your postings.

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