When in Doubt . . .

. . . Read the pattern. Seriously. How hard can it be? I blogged previously about starting the Knotty Gloves on the flight back from Italy, and that I had no trouble bringing my needles on the plane because they were plastic. Also, I threw my accessories bag in my checked luggage because there was no need to have anything except my knitting – there was no way I was going to finish the glove.
So I read how many to cast on, and started my ribbing, which was supposed to be for 6 cm. Dudes – I am not a fan of the metric system. Although surprisingly, I remembered correctly that an inch is 2.54 cm. But being as tired as I was, simple arithmetic was beyond my abilities, so I ended up knitting more like 5 inches of the 2.4 inches I was supposed to. No big deal; I don’t mind that the cuff is a little longer.
So I start in on the cable chart. I knit the first round and think, “this is very strange.” I knit a few more rounds, and am thinking “there’s no way this can be right.” I study the chart. I count my stitches. I count them again. It looks horrible. I double check that I’m reading the chart in the right direction, especially after Kate’s mishap with the cabled slippers. I stop knitting and take a nap.
So, we’ve been back home for a while and I pick up the glove again. It can’t be right. I don’t know what I did, but it’s wrong. I attempt to rip out just the cabled part, but I’m using dpn’s for the firsttimeinIdon’tknowhowlong, and I’m dropping stitches and can’t get them back on the needles so I rip the whole thing. No big deal, I think, I’ll just reknit the ribbing. Which I do. Without a tape measure nearby, so I eyeball it. It turns out my visual expectations of what 6 cm is way off as well, and I stopped knitting at about 10 cm. Okay, so I’ll have a really long cuff. I’m not ripping it out again.
I carefully look at the directions, and knit the 30 stitches before starting the chart, and start the chart again. Same problem. Okay, so something’s seriously not right here. I go back to the beginning where it says to cast on 60 stitches and knit for 6 cm in K2P2 ribbing – WAIT. It’s P2K2 for the Right Glove and K2P2 for the Left Glove. The left glove instructions have you knit the chart over the first 30 stitches and continue with the ribbing whereas the right glove instructions have you knit the ribbing for 30 stitches and then knit the chart. Hmm. Who’d have thought?
Moral of the story? Read the pattern. Carefully. And make sure you have a tape measure with you at all times.

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