Down by the Riverside

There’s an old gospel hymn that goes, “I’m gonna lay down my burdens, down by the river side . . .” and that’s what Robert and I did on Friday night. Today is our 7th wedding anniversary, and it still seems like just yesterday when we were married. (Happy Anniversary, Babe – I love you!)
One of our wedding gifts was a gift certificate to Riverside Inn in Ozark, MO. After our honeymoon, we had a nice romantic dinner in the winter wonderland on the Finley River. In the following years, we also attended a few work Christmas parties held in one of their private rooms. Riverside Inn has quite the history in our area, and it seems everyone has a special memory that includes dining there, and in the summer, looking out over the Finley by the old bridge is quite scenic. They’re also famous for their fried chicken and corn fritters. :-)
But the Finley River that added to Riverside’s charm is the same river that has led to its downfall. Multiple instances of flooding have caused FEMA to interfere and purchase the property, and it’s going to be torn down.
When we learned that December 12th would be Riverside’s last day of business, we knew we had to visit one more time, and what better occasion than to celebrate our anniversary. We made reservations well in advance, and when we arrived at 6:30 p.m. on Friday night, the parking lot was jam-packed. And when we stepped inside, it was magical. Even though the servers knew they’d be out of a job next week, they were hopping keeping all the tables with fresh breadsticks, the corn fritters, the cheese tray, and water or soda. And everyone else in the main dining room seemed to understand that we were all part of something bigger than ourselves, and it was like we all shared the same secret in knowing how special the place was. Even though we only went to Riverside on special occasions, we’re definitely going to miss it.
Thanks for the memories, Riverside Inn.

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  1. Happy Anniversary – we celebrated our #7 in November. We also got a Riverside gift certificate for a wedding gift! We’ll be there on Saturday night for a private party and my last corn fritter.

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