[Time for another series of posts to catch up with everything.]

As I’ve mentioned, we’ve purchased some acreage where we plan to build our “forever home.” We thought we’d probably have to wait a couple of years before starting to build, but God has a way of using challenging situations to provide amazing blessings. In short, about a month ago we started moving into my dad’s house, where we’ll stay until our new home is built. This move allowed us to put our house on the market sooner, and hopefully sell it quickly as the market starts to rebound. A small inventory of homes our size, with a basement, and our price range is a good sign for us as sellers.

But a temporary move is not without its own issues. There’s no need to decorate, so after going through all of our belongings (and divesting of multiple car loads of things and furniture), we’ve packed up what we don’t need now, but probably will need later. It’s going to be like Christmas finding our personal items and photos and such when we do finally unpack them, but I imagine the divesting will continue as well. One thing we’ve learned is that we don’t need so much stuff.

So the majority of our belongings are now contained in the ubiquitous Rubbermaid tubs and a plethora of Chick-fil-A fry boxes. Our house is on the market, and we’re hoping to have an offer soon.

Oh, and the furbabies are doing just fine with the move. Fred hid under the bed the first few days, but he’s adapted well, and Wally is happy to have a bed all to herself and access to a closet. As for the dogs, they agree with us – moving is hard work.



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2 responses to “Changes

  1. I so enjoy keeping up with you through the podcast and am praying for a quick sell. I have been in exactly the same situation, boxes packed, living amongst them, furniture up agains the wall, as if under arrest :) in a rent house while we built. It’s exciting and adventure living :D In our case we were also our own contractors, so it was a full-time job for myself, while hubby worked all day. I know it’s hard, but the Lord uses every lesson for our good. Hugs! <3

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