Knitting in the Moment

I have to remind myself sometimes that this really is a knitting blog, even though of late it’s been more about house progress and a travelogue. I mentioned a few posts ago that the majority of our belongings have been boxed up for storage for possibly a year, but that also includes my yarn and fiber stash. There’s simply not the room to spread out and take over the house with my knitting and spinning like I did before.

As I was packing away my stash in tubs, I was as brutal as possible about what would make the cut to stay out. If I picked up a skein and said, “Oh, yeah, I was going to make X out of this,” and I still was interested in making X, it got to live in the shelves again. If it was a “Oh, this is really pretty and I want to make something with it but don’t know what,” depending on the yarn it might or might not have been packed away. Some of my Dancing Dog Dyeworks yarn fell into this category. If it was skeins of sweater yarn that I knew I didn’t have time for, or yarns I really didn’t have a plan for, then to the tubs they went.


Now, of course, what will happen is a new pattern will be released and that the perfect yarn is carefully packed away. I imagine I’ll get into those tubs a few times over the next year. But for now, I have a plan.

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  1. A :-)

    Really been feeling the need to go through all the yarn again here . . . could be time for me to have another destash on Ravelry.

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